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Partnering with Parishes Donation Program

Our Commitment

When we were contemplating opening Best Orthodox Gifts, we knew we wanted to look beyond the four walls of our family business and try in some small way to embody the charity and love we have been shown by our Father through his son Jesus Christ. At present, we have three different ways to allow parishes to announce their charities and raise funds.

Orthodox Charities

The first began at the inception of Best Orthodox Gifts website. Any Orthodox Church can email us with their parish’s charity/charities and we will post the information on our website. One such example is the Outreach Alaska program where you can learn how to “Adopt a Seminarian” or help stock St. Juliana Food Pantry that assists married students and their families while attending St. Herman Theological Seminary. This is a wonderful forum to view when you are looking to give a gift to God in celebration of the Nativity, the Resurrection, a Saint’s Day, or a special day in your life that you are thankful to God.

Partnering with Parishes

The second is a recent program we call “Partnering with Parishes.” We want to serve you and your parish, so Best Orthodox Gifts has created a donation program for participating parishes. All you need to do is email your interest in this program and we will provide you with a code that your parishioners use on our website at the time of order. When this code is used we will donate 5% to your parish on their purchases. Additionally, we will donate 10% back on purchases that collectively exceed $500 a quarter. To help you tell your parish about this program we will provide you with a poster showing a few of our products, to place on your bulletin board, and Partnering with Parishes cards that provide our website and your parish code.

To Participate in the Partnering with Parishes Program, Send us an email at and we will send you a short form to fill out and your package will be shipped to you right away.

Have Your Parish Icon Digitized for Fundraising

And finally, a fundraiser that allows you to show your parish pride. We can digitize your icon to be embroidered on shirts, bags, aprons, etc. These beautiful embroidered icons have all the shading and usually contain 20-35 thousand stitches depending on size. Below are the two ways your parish can participate in this program.

Fundraising Plan 1

Pre-order 12 items of any combination (items can be determined later) and we will wave the $35 digitizing fee. We will produce the items at multiple-order pricing to allow a margin for your fundraiser.

Fundraising Plan 2

Pay the $35 digitizing fee and we will place a stitch-out example on our website and pictures of the items the icon can be embroidered on. We will provide you with a code that your parishioners can use on our website at the time of order. When this code is used we will donate 5% to your parish. See “Partnering with Parishes” above.

We hope these programs will assist you in getting the word out about your charities and help your parish raise money. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and as always thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and your parish.

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