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When my wife and I were dating, we wanted to give each other gifts that reflected the true meaning of the Orthodox feasts we were celebrating but alas we were faced with few options. Four years later, when we were planning our wedding, we had a difficult time finding items for the Sacrament of Marriage and gifts for our attendants. Over the years, my wife started to create specialized Orthodox Christian gifts for our friends and loved ones.

We are writing with great joy that we have created a new website devoted to Orthodox Christians and their pursuit to give specialized Orthodox gifts to their family and friends of the faith. We have Orthodox Icon Jewelry, Wooden Crosses, Girl's Embroidered Dresses, Baby Bibs, Toddler Blankets, Burb Cloths, Childrens T-shirts, Turtlenecks, Decorative Towels, Napkins, Table Runners, Bread Basket Liners, Baptismal Towels, Head Scarves, and Aprons. All beautifully handmade with Orthodox messages.

 In addition to providing specialized gifts for the Orthodox community, we will have links to other Orthodox sites and hope to provide a valued service. We have pages for Orthodox videos that you can submit, and Orthodox Charities.

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Thanks, Yours in Christ,

Cheri & Aftan Romanczak

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